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Corrugated Cardboard
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White postal boxes "E-com Mailbox" A5 160x250x28mm

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This "E-com Mailbox" postal box can be filled, closed and sent at lightning speed. With 2 adhesive strips for a secure closure and a pull strip for easy opening. The size is slightly larger than A5: 160 x 250 x 28 mm.

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Brands e-Com®Box

Product Code: 343500001

Tags:  E-comMailbox-116025028mmWit+2xplakstripShippingcartonse-Com®Box

This "E-com Mailbox" postal box can be filled, closed and sent at lightning speed. With 2 adhesive strips for a secure closure and a pull strip for easy opening. This is a safe shipping package that cannot be opened unnoticed. The size slightly larger than DIN A5: 160 x 250 x 28 mm.

Fast processing, safe shipping

Easy and quick to set up and fill with product (s). There is an adhesive strip on both sides. So no tape is needed for the closure. After closing, the box can no longer be opened without damaging it. The receiver can neatly open the shipping box by means of the well known pull-strip. This means that the postal box can still be used for a return shipment after opening. This opening stripe is clearly indicated on the cardboard (open here).

Good cardboard quality

The white cardboard of this "E-Com mailbox" postal box looks fresh and is easy to write on. Labels and packing list envelopes adhere well to this material. The thickness of the corrugated cardboard is approx. 3 mm (single wall). Thanks to the wave structure, a light buffering is created that offers sufficient protection against bumps and scratches for most products. The inside of the box is brown. (Quality: B golf / 115gr brown kraft / 140 test 110W)

This white postal box is ideal for sending flat / small products such as books, printed matter, small parts, small textiles, DVDs, games, small gifts, etc. up to a weight of approx. 2 kg.
This type of shipping box (E-com box) is available in different sizes. There are 2 sizes (A5, A4 +) that meet the standard for letterbox (low shipping rate). The other sizes are suitable for parcel post.

The benefits of E-com postal box

- Low shipping costs with the E-com postal box.
- The E-com postal box meets the official (Dutch) standards for postal box delivery
- The E-com postal box is widely used for online sales by web shops and e-commerce companies
- The E-com postal box can be set up, filled and closed quickly
- No packaging tape or glue required with the E-com postal box
- Environmentally friendly; cardboard is recyclable
- Fresh, white appearance
- Good protection with sturdy 3mm singel wall cardboard
- Multiple sizes available

Lowest price white E-com postal box A5

To pay the lowest price for this E-com postal box you can use the volume discount for larger quantities or pallet price. For an even lower price based on larger quantities, you can contact the sales department. They can make a suitable offer for you.

Corrugated Cardboard Single wall
Weight 53 g
Length in mm 250
Width in cm 160
Height in mm 28
Color White
Quantity per pallet 5100

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