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Air cushions

Zoekt u luchtzakjesfolie voor uw Airspeed luchtkussenmachine?

Koop het hier! Heeft u een andere machine voor luchtzakjesbuffering. Bel of mail dan voor meer informatie.

ActivaAir Air cushion machine Basic BP4000

Air cushion machine activaAir Basic BP4000After an intensive development phase, we have developed a ..

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ActivaAir void fill machine Light BP2000

The ActivaAir Light BP2000 air cushion machine produces solid film cushions that are filled with air..

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Air cushion film ActivaAir 10 x 20cm, 700m, transparent
from €44.95

Buy airbag film - 100 mm x 200 mm x 700 running meters.Buy air cushion film on 700 lm rolls to creat..

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Bubble mats 4-tube ActivaAir 40x30cm, 450m, transparent
from €69.00

4-Tube activaAir mat film for creation of air cushion mats. To with the activaAir air cushion machin..

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Bubble mats 7-tube ActivaAir 40x30cm, 450m, transparent
from €69.00

7 Tube activaAir mat foil for creation of air cushion mats. Just create the air cushion mats with th..

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Fix Air air cushions in box
from €12.50

Handy dispenser box with inflated air cushions. For small consumers who only need padding and / or b..

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