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Dispensers for gummed paper tape

A good dispenser is required for the processing of gummed paper tape. You have to wet the tape to "activate" the gummed layer. This can be done by hand, but that is certainly not recommended.

The paper adhesive tape dispensers come in different models with different degree of automation. Of course, the use intensity, desired speed and perhaps the price determine your choice. We have three widely sold models of paper tape dispensers in stock for you. All are of high quality but of course have different possibilities and prices.

Gummed paper tape dispenser

Manually type. For gummed kraft paper tape with water activated. Up to 3" (77mm) wide. Plastic water..

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Gummed Paper Tape Dispenser B6 semi-automatic

The B6 Water Activated Definite Length Tape Dispenser dispenses lengths from 100mm to 1100mm. Length..

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Gummed Paper Tape Dispenser Vario 555eMa

The Vario 555eMa is an electric water-activated tape dispenser made for fast-paced shipping and pack..

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