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Air cushion film ActivaAir 10 x 20cm, 700m, transparent

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Rol buisfolie om zelf luchtzakjes tbv buffering te maken op de ActivaAir machine. Koop direct online bij de groothandel.

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Product Code: 137000006

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Buy airbag film - 100 mm x 200 mm x 700 running meters.
Buy air cushion film on 700 lm rolls to create aircushions yourself using a ActivaAir air cushion machine. Protect your goods against unwanted damage when sending. The air cushion roll is particularly well suited for this because it brings no additional weight and thus has no effect on the shipping costs.

Air-cushions are suitable:

  • as edge protection
  • for cavity filling

Due to the HDPE multi-layer film used, the stability and tear resistance of the air film cushions is even better than other commercially available cushions of this thickness. Convince yourself of the activaAir quality and save your customers from the annoying search through conventional filling material made of styrofoam or similar. Thanks to the transparent bubble cushions, customers can see their goods at first glance without having to remove the protective filling material. This is especially good if you as a mail order company regularly deliver to packing stations and post offices. There, recipients often check the package before taking it home. Thus, the control takes only a few seconds and the goods remain protected against possible transport damage.

Aircushions are especially suitable for filling large cavities and for fixing and upholstering square goods. However, since they are not as flexible and flexible as air cushion mats, they are not suitable for wrapping round and fragile goods, or for filling smaller cavities, as well as a liner for surface protection.

Weight 4,7 kg
Color Transparent
Pcs per Carton 2
Quantity per pallet 210

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