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About Us

It is good that you have chosen Geerts Packaging!

The care we devote to thinking along with you in your packaging process, working towards optimum packaging in terms of size, quality, type and price, makes Geerts a good partner in the purchase of all your packaging. We have been doing business for many years with renowned corrugated cardboard manufacturers, who know how to value us as a reseller. This is reflected in very good prices and with our low overhead you can benefit as an end user.

Because we do business with various producers, we can offer every desired box or number. We know the way in cardboard land. We can all organize large volumes, weird dimensions, very small numbers or boxes with special printing. We set out the lines towards various producers, we are the spider in the packaging web and organize everything in such a way that you only have one point of contact for all your boxes and packaging materials. It saves you time, effort and therefore costs.

We can also mean a lot to you in the field of promotional packaging and displays. We can have very complicated full-color printed displays, packaging and show columns developed or we adapt a standard stock display to your wishes.

Together with the supply of tape, stretch wrap film and shock-protective materials for an optimal price-quality ratio, we combine our strengths and we are one point of contact for all packaging materials. That is our strength!

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